The urban time lapse video tends to be cliche, imitating scenes from the film Koyaanisqatsi (fast motion images of traffic, people walking through train stations, etc).  Image stabilization software has made it a lot easier to produce these effects with hand held cameras.  I think only a few of these type of videos are new and interesting.  The best I’ve seen recently is Rumble and Sway, by The Seventh Movement:

CCD cameras have permitted vivid time exposures of the night sky, not easily done with film because of reciprocity failure.  There are countless desert night-sky videos, but an early favorite of mine is still

Mike Flores’ 2010 video made in Baja California:

Chris Abbas made this surprising video from NASA footage of Saturn and its moons combined with well chosen music.  There have been several imitations of his video, but the original remains the best:

One of the first and best polar aurora videos was this one by Nick Liveris, made in 2006 at the South Pole: